Humanising Autonomy

We teach machines how people behave to make human-machine interaction a safer and more pleasant experience.

Humanising Autonomy combines deep learning, behavioural psychology and statistical AI to develop powerful computer-vision software. Our technology enables machines to see, quickly classifying objects, interpreting scenes and making predictions to better inform automated decision-making engines.

Focusing first on improving road safety, we’ve deployed our technology through our customisable Humanised Driver Assistance System SDKs, ready to be seamlessly integrated into any dash cam or retrofit safety hardware. We provide ADAS Tier 1 and Dashcam manufacturers with an easy end-to-end software solution that improves safety, accelerates entry to market, whilst creating enhanced user experiences.

We do all of this whilst prioritising individual privacy to develop AI ethically. Our diverse team combines customer-centric product design, proven engineering methodologies and novel proprietary data sets to develop our technology. Backed with patented models, a world class team, our software ensures any human-to-machine interaction is safe, efficient and most importantly more human.