Vertical Future

Our mission is to improve planetary health through more efficient, certain, and data-driven methods of crop production.

Since 2016, Vertical Future ("VF") has evolved from a vertical farming grower brand into a global leader in the Controlled-environment-agriculture ("CEA") sector. Driven by a focus on three core pillars of plant science, intelligent software, and integrated technology systems development, numerous strategic pivots such as internalising manufacturing and focusing on scale have further contributed to VF's current position as the #1 independently ranked CEA technology company globally. VF's core model encompasses the design, manufacture, and deployment of intelligent autonomous production systems worldwide, addressing critical issues such as food scarcity, water security, population growth, and complex supply chains whilst also finding applications in pharmaceuticals, reforestation, nutraceuticals, and space research in collaboration with NASA and the U.K. Space Agency. Supporting VF's core model is an ongoing programme of research, working with leaders in agriculture, climate tech, and agronomy, and enriched by a constant data stream from our in-house software, DIANA.