About UKII

“UKII is a new platform dedicated
to highlighting the collective vision
and future potential of UK industry.”
Lucy Johnston
Founder, UKII

UKII (UK Innovation Industries) is a new independent platform dedicated to raising the visibility of the UK's powerhouse of pioneering industry innovation and talent.

The UK is home to a rich and vibrant innovation ecosystem, focused on forging solutions to the biggest challenges of our time.

One nation. One incredible mission.

With the launch of the UKII platform we are setting out on a nationwide journey to spotlight pioneering companies and organisations and do our bit to help amplify the work of exceptional innovators across UK industry who are building a better, brighter future for all of us.

For the first time ever in one place the UKII Intelligence Report is bringing these exceptional stories together, from across the UK innovation ecosystem, to highlight the collective vision and future potential of UK industry.

500 companies
30 categories
1 mission

Innovation for a better, brighter future.

We set out on our task back on 1st October 2023 and after seven months of groundwork and hundreds of industry conversations and expert recommendations we are very proud to be launching this first-of-its-kind platform into the world.

Please enjoy the launch feature film, explore the ecosystem captured in the report, connect and collaborate with each other, reach out to us to get involved, and help us spread the word far-and-wide – to demonstrate support for UK industry’s place in forging a strong and bright future for the UK.

This is just the beginning, and we will continue to build.

We Are Incandescent. Are you?

Lucy Johnston
Founder, UKII

Core Team

Lucy Johnston

Design Director
Lizzie Garrett

Platform Development
Nick Johnston

Creative Director | Films
Neil Cole

Operations Director
Nikki Mortimer-Groves

Fred Close
Lizzie Garrett

Fred Close

Chris O’Leary

Technical Advisor
Mark Simpkins

Strategic Advisors
Gawain Morrison
Ali Thompson

Report Methodology

The UKII Intelligence Report is an independent platform, conceived and produced by the UK task force We Are Incandescent and sponsored by Verizon Business.

Through this report we are presenting a curated listing of notable pioneering activity and talent from across the nation, to represent the wider innovation ecosystem of UK industry.

This is not a scored ranking, companies are nominated and invited to be spotlit, and there is no participation fee.

The curation of the platform by We Are Incandescent is underpinned by over two decades of research and work within industry, and is being compiled with wide-ranging scouting groundwork, input and recommendations from industry experts, and peer nominations from across the UK ecosystem.