Bot Theory

Redefining education and the pathway to work for the AI age.

Imagine a world where learning is an adventure! That's our mission: to empower today's students to become tomorrow's visionaries. We understand that the skills needed for success are changing faster than traditional schooling can adapt. That's why we're offering a dynamic personalised learning experience that goes beyond the classroom. We teach courses such as artificial intelligence, finance, climate action and wellbeing, using a unique approach that makes education as engaging as a video game.

We're building a Learning Metaverse where students explore, play, learn and earn real-world rewards for their knowledge. Imagine an immersive 3D world powered by AI, blockchain, and the joy of gaming, with digital avatar tutors available 24/7, focused on helping students learn and prepare for their careers.

Let's redefine the learning experience and make it social, immersive and fun!