Carnot Engines

Decarbonised Heavy-Duty Power with next generation, highly efficient, clean engine technology

At Carnot Engines have achieved a breakthrough in engine technology, operating at more than twice the performance of a typical engine, increasing efficiencies from 30 - 35% of current diesel technology, to over 70% break thermal efficiency. We have paired this high efficiency technology with a completely fuel agnostic approach. Our engines operating on Hydrogen, Ammonia, Methanol, HVO, Bio-fuels, LNG & Diesel. We can also upgrade the same engine to different fuels in it's lifetime, offering a very flexible, low risk and low cost method to decarbonise. For example, a shipping customer could reduce emissions by 50% immediately whilst operating on diesel, before transitioning to hydrogen, ammonia or methanol depending which fuel is available, practical and economical. We are focusing on the Maritime sector, Off-Grid Energy and Heavy-Duty vehicles for this technology.