CNH: Where customer inspired innovation and big iron meet to advance the noble work of farmers and construction workers

CNH is continuously searching for better solutions and breakthrough ideas to fast-track our efforts to bring together innovation, sustainability and productivity. We have been in this business for over 180 years and have been manufacturing tractors in the UK since 1933.

The challenge of feeding and sheltering a growing global population in a changing world means embracing cutting edge technologies. Our plant in Basildon is the UK’s only volume tractor manufacturing facility and it sees a complete tractor produced every five minutes.

It is the company’s focus on the future that has seen one of the New Holland brand’s alternative fuels centres of excellence established here. In 2021, the plant produced the industry’s first commercial methane-powered tractor, the T6.180 Methane. With a controlling stake in Bennamann, a UK-based expert in the capturing, repurposing and storing fugitive methane emissions for energy use, we are committed to expanding our alternative fuel capabilities.