Earth Rover

Lighting up the future of productive agriculture with CLAWS.

Earth Rover is a pioneering agri-tech company on a mission to revolutionise agriculture and horticulture through our innovative and sustainable autonomous robotic solution: CLAWS. Our cutting-edge technology harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics to drive advancements in sustainable and organic crop management, particularly by offering cost-effective solutions for weed control and scouting.

With its lightweight technology and use of batteries and photovoltaic energy, CLAWS operates solely on clean and renewable sources. This approach not only reduces carbon emissions, but also minimises the environmental impact of conventional fuel-powered machinery used in the industry. Nevertheless, the heart of CLAWS lies in its concentrated light technology and autonomy. By using start-stop and concentrated light beams, the robot targets the meristems of weeds and eliminates them at their growing points, effectively avoiding the need for chemical herbicides but also soil disturbance, preserving soil health and structure.