Neuron Innovations

The 'Everything Map' - A Public Network for Building, Finding & Connecting Services

Neuron is an opensource public network for building, finding, and connecting services.​ ​Our mission is to improve the performance, cost and robustness of service networks, and to reduce the risks associated with using intermediaries.

Neuron has already launched its aircraft surveillance data services network, with community members deploying sensors to building up a live picture of air traffic, to help integrate the next generation of electric aircraft and drones.

The 'Everything Map' provides a way for service providers to sell directly to customers without going via an intermediary. This has a number of performance, cost and risk benefits, that is going to revolutionise the way service networks are deployed.

Potential use cases include physical resource networks including environmental and geospatial sensors, digital resource networks such as video streaming and VPN services, and human resource networks such as food delivery and ride hailing.