OX Delivers

The first purpose-built electric truck for the Global South, delivered as-a-service to enable businesses of all sizes to prosper

Our affordable, reliable transport-as-a-service solution is designed for areas of the world with poor road infrastructure and low access to capital. We created the world's first purpose-built electric truck that is ten times cheaper to operate than existing alternatives.

Our reliable OX transport serves a vast market of businesses; from micro-traders to coffee plantations. This enables micro-businesses to access bigger markets, further from home, where prices are higher and new opportunities are available. Larger corporate clients can operate a flexible fleet arrangement - by signing up for dedicated, reliable OX transport services they have guaranteed logistics but are free from the financial and business constraints of operating their own fleet.

With the introduction of the next-generation two-tonne payload all-electric OX4 truck in 2024, OX Delivers will continue its strategic rollout of affordable, reliable transport-as-a-service across the Global South, supported by the UK Government through the Advanced Propulsion Centre.