Reach Industries

Our mission is to accelerate science by simplifying data capture and enhancing insight analysis in R&D

Reach Industries is a company behind Lumi™ - Visual Lab Intelligence Platform for Life Science.

Lumi™ is a Visual Lab Intelligence Platform that streamlines & simplifies lab monitoring, data capture & analysis, shortening R&D timelines while improving compliance, therefore augmenting scientists so they can focus on the science, less on the admin. It uses visual data from modular cameras and cutting-edge AI technology to easily capture, analyze and contextualize operational information that otherwise would require human intelligence.

Lumi™ brings the power of AI to support science, operations and compliance within a lab setting, benefiting R&D from the ground up. It’s a Plug-and-play solution that requires minimal input on installation, freeing scientists’ hands & minds from data entry while ensuring the flow of information to maintain data integrity from day one.