Seaweed Generation

SeaGen is a blue robotics company, creating low cost tech to understand, improve and sustainably utilise water spaces.

SeaGen build interconnected AI robots to monitor and understand water spaces.

Our environmental monitoring systems (AlgaBuoy, AlgaRover and AlgaProbe) allow us to observe and assess; identifying issues and establishing baseline data in order to track changes to the environment. This crucial data is viewable in, and augmented by, our citizen facing data portal.

Our solar powered suite of robots can then take informed action, including removing bad things (trash, invasive species, CO₂) and generating good things (seaweed) for sustainable materials.

Our AlgaRay robot has been developed to intercept, sink and track problematic seaweed for CDR credits.

Cultivation of seaweed can be achieved economically, at scale and offshore with the AlgaVator, our automated seaweed cultivation platform.

This cycle of observation, assessment and response is repeated over time to increase biodiversity, maximise yields and improve water quality.