Ultima Forma

Where Breakthroughs Materialise

Ultima Forma is the UK's award-winning pioneer in revolutionary 3D multi-material component production. Thanks to our groundbreaking Ultim8 process, traditional boundaries in manufacturing are no longer a barrier. We specialise in creating components with meticulously graded material properties, delivering unparalleled performance across diverse sectors including aerospace, automotive, and beyond. Our approach integrates multiple materials into lighter, stronger, and more efficient products, redefining what’s possible in manufacturing.

Our patented electrodeposition process enables us to control the material properties across a part and through the wall thickness. This produces light-weight, high performance, multifunctional, complex shaped components using atom by atom deposition. We can vary wall thickness and independently control the modulus and strength which makes our process exciting for a range of high-tech applications. Our automated manufacturing has the ability to control the material that is deposited, allowing us to vary the material properties within the component and ensure repeatability.