Circulor delivers end-to-end traceability, at scale, to advance the clean energy transition

There's growing demand from consumers, regulators, and businesses that our products are responsibly sourced and sustainably manufactured. To ensure that this production harms neither people nor planet, we need end-to-end supply chain transparency.

Circulor offers the most mature, proven, and complete technology software solution available to track minerals and materials, especially those with high environmental and human rights impacts - our focus area since inception in 2017.

Our enterprise software solution helps businesses analyze, track and manage their supply chains, creating data-driven decision-making for companies in their progress toward more responsible and sustainable sourcing. We track the flow of physical materials as they change chemical and physical state from raw to final product and ultimately into recycling, with traceability enabled at every production step to create a reliable digital chain of custody. We also attribute ESG and compliance data to the flow of materials, including embedded carbon emissions.