Revolutionizing industrial heating by providing cost-effective high temperature heat pumps for decarbonization of sub-megawatt applications

Futraheat is a clean-tech startup pioneering high temperature heat pump products to decarbonise industry’s process heat needs between 100°C and 200°C. Our Greensteam High Temperature Heat Pump Series uses our game-changing fully patented Turboclaw® compressor – a unique, disruptive technology that brings all the benefits of a centrifugal compressor to lower capacity applications, such as sub-MW High-Temperature heat pumps. Turboclaw operates at greatly reduced speeds without oil, yielding lower manufacturing, operating and maintenance costs, allowing Futraheat to target most common applications where other compressor types can’t compete cost effectively. This helps the high temperature heat pump radically reduce energy consumption and pave the way to low cost, low CO₂ factory steam generation.