Pioneering underwater sensors for optimising marine data acquisition while lowering costs for commercial, government and scientific users

Epitomising British technology innovation on a global scale, GeoAcoustics has consistently pioneered new subsea sensors including Bathymetric Sonars, Sub-Bottom Profilers and Side Scan Sonars.

GeoAcoustics technology addresses a wide range of needs in hydrographic surveying, dredging, subsea engineering and marine research. Its commitment to innovation is exemplified by its unique AI-powered sonar system, which streamlines data processing to enhance productivity and reduce survey costs. The company’s comprehensive technology portfolio is supported worldwide through an extensive network spanning over 70 countries.

GeoAcoustics is also dedicated to sustainability, implementing solar power and electric vehicle charging points at its headquarters in Great Yarmouth, UK. This commitment ensures that GeoAcoustics not only leads in technology innovation but also in environmental responsibility, reinforcing its status as a forward-thinking, internationally acclaimed enterprise.

In recognition of its significant contributions to international trade and technology, GeoAcoustics was honoured with an inaugural King’s Awards for Excellence in 2023.